Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I received the BodyBugg for Christmas. This thing is AMAZING. It calculates the number of calories that I burn throughout the day. I can see how and even when I am active during the day at a glance. If I am watching tv and I get up to go ... uhhh, let's say get a drink ... you can see a spike in calories burned.

I wear the BodyBugg to measure calories burned and steps taken. Then, I use the BodyBugg software to input EVERYTHING that I eat. This then calculates calories consumed. The difference between the calories burned and the calories consumed is either a deficit or a surplus. A 3500 calorie deficit is a pound. My goal is to lose 2 lbs a week and knowing calories burned vs calories consumed is sooooo helpful.

Electronic Motivation is what it is. On Jason's birthday ... after I put everyone to bed, the BodyBugg was registering only a 1900 calorie burn (with an estimated 2100 calorie burn for the day ... my target is 2700) and 4000 steps taken (my target is 10,000). What's worse, I had already consumed 2400 calories for the day. This would have given me a calorie surplus for the first time since I started wearing it and that just would not do. So I started walking. Around and around my living room I went, up and down the stairs ... cleaning up from the party and then just walking in endless circles. But ... by the time I went to bed an hour later I was at 10k steps and my calorie burn for the day ended up being 2650, which left me with a blessed deficit. Normally, I would have went out for a quick run or walk but Jason was already sleeping and I didn't want to wake him to let him know that I wouldn't be in the house.

I LOVE my BodyBugg!!!

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