Thursday, July 15, 2010

Riding with My Daughter

It is 98 degrees outside right now ... CRAZY!!!

Fortunately, it was a beautiful 73 degrees this morning when Megan, Ian and I hit the trails next to the Columbia river this morning for our first 'long' bike ride. I have ridden the 240 to blue bridge, 16 mile loop, twice before ... but that was just me (trailing Ian behind of course). It's a little different riding with your 8 year old daughter.

Our goal was to ride 25 minutes out and then head back. It ended up taking us about 55ish minutes but we rode for 7.6 miles. She did amazing! She was really learning how to use her gears going up and down the many small hills along the path. Her bum was starting to hurt there at the end, but then so was mine.

I am absolutely loving being active with my children!!!

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