Monday, August 29, 2005

Why Now?

So why, after all these years of telling myself that I am going to set up an online journal did I finally just jump in and do it? I have a very good reason behind this, you see. I am in training for a marathon!!!

This fact is still very amazing to me. I have spent several years telling myself and others, I just want to want to run ... but I really don't want to. But back in July I signed up for Weight Watchers in attempt to get rid of these extra pounds that just keep hanging around. Inspired by one of my best friends, Christie (a marathoner), I started walking/running in addition to Weight Watchers.

Then for my 30th :( birthday I received a couple of gifts that would really get this ball a'rolling. The first was a Garmin Forerunner 201 that my wonderfully supportive dh purchased for me. This handy little gadget is a gps unit that runners use to track their mileage, pace, average pace, lap pace etc while they are running. The second was a book that Christie sent me, The Non-Runners Marathon Guide. This book is awesome ... it has normal everyday people who do not or in some cases do not even like to run running a marathon in 16 weeks. Within days of receiving this book, I decided to train for a marathon. I even have one all picked out. The Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th.

So I am officially in training for a marathon. On Saturday, after running 7 miles I felt great. I spent all day telling Jason how wonderful it was, and started thinking that it would be a good idea to have a place to write down the facts and feelings of a run so that I can come back to it later.

So hence, the creation of my very own blog out here in cyber space.

Whoooohooo for me!!!

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katie said... IS so cool that you are training. i want to just reading your blog! i am too scared. i have never run more than a 10k race! i want to do the welch's marathon in oct/nov but we are doing it as a relay and i will run about 6 miles. right now that would be an awful lot for me. i can't believe you can run 8 miles and have not been a runner! what is up w/ that? i want to see that book. i am really struggling w/ heel pain. i usu. chalk up pain to overwt. i need to lose another 60# or so. funny that you can be "a runner" and be overwt! and keep it on! whassup w/ that? i would like to ask God. i know why. it is in my choices. but when i'm 'doing good' and running it irritates me that He doesn't let it fall off faster! love ya