Wednesday, August 31, 2005

8 Miles In My New Shoes

Well not 8 miles today, 3 on Monday and 5 today. My shins hurt a little bit more today then they did on Monday but still not like they had been hurting before the new shoes.

Todays Stats ...

Run Time: 01:13:00
Run Distance: 5.01 mi
Avg Pace: 14:34/mi

Have I mentioned the hills around here? It's like I was running on a nonstop hill. Ok, I know that logically I ran downhill at some point but that's not very helpful after running up the hill in the first place. I ran out 5 miles and then had Jason come and pick me up. We drove back the route I took and he even mentioned the hills. There was one stretch on Bever that was about 1.6 miles that is a steady 2% grade uphill. Then there were two sections, East Post Hill and Cottage Grove Hill, that had about an 8% grade. Ouch ... especially since the Cottage Grove Hill was the last 0.5 miles of my 5 mile run. I'm fixin to go and take a picture of it tomorrow so that I can post it on here. My killer hill. I would seriously love to map out the elevation of my training runs. That would be neat to see.

Only 2 more training runs in my 4th week of training, 3 miles on Friday and 8 miles on Sunday. Ironically, when I first started training I was all about the short 3 mile runs (never ever thought I would say that) and the long runs were just something I had to get out of the way. Now I am actually looking forward to the long runs more so then the short runs. This running is a crazy sport!

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