Sunday, November 20, 2005

Philly Marathon - Short Version

Well I did it ... I ... a non-runner ... someone who detests the very act of running ... ran a marathon. In fact I ran the whole thing. I didn't walk at all. I may have had to slow down to pick up a cup of water, but I ran while I drank it. I did have to wait in line for an eternal 6 minutes to use the loo ... but I really had no choice there.

It was a wonderful experience, loads of fun and something that I do plan on doing again and again!

Official Race Results

Distance: 26.2 miles
Final Time: 5:55:16
Chip Time: 5:53.03
Average Pace: 13:33
Overall Place: 5832 out of 5934

Race Results as per my Garmin Forerunner

Time: 5:53:58
Distance: 26.52 mi
Average Pace: 13:21/mi
Overall Place: #1

1 comment:

Sarah Elaine said...

You're amazing!

You did it!


Big hug from me to you.