Sunday, December 04, 2005

Marathon Recovery

Recovering from a marathon can be likened to childbirth. No, it's not as painful as childbirth. What I mean is with time you do tend to forget the pain and remember the joy. I am now two weeks post marathon, and though I do have some residual foot pain, I am considering myself recovered.

I do remember that my whole body was sore back at the hotel after the marathon. Jason ordered pizza and when it got to our room, I ate it laying down. What can I say, I was comfortable. My dear friend Christie once told me that she had some Thai food after her first marathon and it was the best she ever ate. A few weeks later when she went back for more because it was so good, she found out that it really wasn't. My pizza was awesome, canned mushrooms and all. Anyone who has ever eaten pizza with me knows that I will not eat canned mushrooms. But that was the bestest pizza with canned mushrooms ever!

I lubed myself up pretty well in an effort to avoid chafing, especially around the bra area. It worked, no chafing there. What I did not count on was that I had lost weight and that the sweats that I was wearing would try to fall off if the drawstring was not tightened enough. I ended up with several lines of chafing on my back from my sweats. I did not feel this when I was running, only afterwards when in the shower.

I know that I was sore on Monday only because I called Christie and told her about it. I have the memory of discussing it, not the memory of being it. She warned me that it would get worse on Tuesday before it got better. I called her back on Tuesday so that she could remind me that it would indeed get better. I remember at that point that the rest of me was fine and pain free (unless I was walking upstairs). It was my darned feet which had been cramping during the marathon that were giving me a hard time still and would continue to. It has gotten better, enough that I was able to transition from my slippers to my running shoes a few days ago. I'm not pain free, but I'm not pain ridden either.

I am ready to start training for #2!!!

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Sarah Elaine said...

You are such an inspiration!

I've also had issues with clothes that are literally falling off me because they don't fit any more.

Actually went for a proper sports bra fitting a week and a bit ago... Found out I'd been wearing a bra 2 inches too big around the ribs! When they finally put me in one that fit, I thought, "OH! That feels better!"

As for the pizza... Any way it comes is good with me... canned mushrooms or no!

You deserve that pizza girl! Rock on!