Monday, December 26, 2005

On the Run Again

Today was my second run since the Marathon. The first one was on sore feet and I was only out for 2 miles. Today I felt great.

I had initially been planning on just waiting until after the first of the year when Megan started back up with preschool, but I woke wanting to run today. So I got up, got dressed ... then proceeded to spend the next two hours messing with my new toy ... an Ipod Shuffle. KT has got it right, this thing is awesome!!!

I am listening to "At Home in Mitford" by Jan Karon. So far so good. It is a multi-book series which I enjoy in general as I just can't stand it when a book ends. I'll review it after I'm done listening to it.

So my little shuffle that weighs next to nothing was on a necklace around my neck and tucked nicely between the two bras that I have to wear. About 2 miles into my run my chest just felt like it was on fire. I was starting to wonder if that was what it felt like to have a heart attack when I realized that it was the shuffle that was causing all that heat. Guess that's not a great place to run with it. I thought that if I ran with it just hanging on the necklace that it would bounce too much, but it was fine once it was released from it's confines.

I'm glad to be back on the road. I don't have a schedule that I'm following yet, which means I'll probably be pretty lackadaisical in getting my runs in. I need to sit down with a list of marathons and a calendar and get myself on a rigid schedule again!!!

Running Stats

Running Time: 38:46
Running Distance: 3.00 mi
Average Pace: 12:55/mi


Kim said...

Hi Amber and thanks for the support on my upcoming marathon goals - while it won't happen till after my bodybuilding competition, I just know it will happen. Course that being said I've never gone more than 5miles so we'll see how I feel when the mileage starts to increase :o)

As far as resistance training and getting started there are lots of great books - one you might want to look at is the body sculpting bible for women. Or even on the net try - it will break down the various bodyparts for you and give you exercises to do and I even think they have programs to try. As a beginner I'd say doing 2-3 different exercises for each body part, maybe break it down into chest/back, arms/shoulders, legs - I generally don't do anything else with legs since they are a huge muscle group - there is really no wrong way to get started, go light at first but when you can get 12-15 repitions and feel like you could do more, its time to bump up the poundage...

It really was the best thing I've ever done for my body, its amazing what shapely muscle looks like. I've weighed 140 and been a size 10 and after resistance training on a consistant basis for over a year I weighed 140 but wore a size 4 or 6.

Just like running, you just have to get started and stick with it.

Sarah Elaine said...

Hey Amber,

Way to go on getting back into training after the marathon!

Do you have a water bottle belt for your longer runs? You could tuck your iPod into that....

kt said...

yeahooo! so glad you're back on the road! i just carry mine in my hand in normal weather. i have SKINS for it, do you yet? my bro picked up a pack of 2 skins (one a pliable plastic, one leather) for like $12 at a store in the airport his friend recommended. so i don't worry any more about when i'm holding it, that it will get grimy and sweaty-dirty.
in the COLD COLD weather, i've found that the cord gets hard & i worry that it won't work as well. so i've been putting it down my long sleeve and then in the palm of my hand in my glove. but wouldjya believe it's been 35-50 here lately? so i'm stripping off my outer layers and just carrying the POD out in the open.
love ya
ps: so you're NOT planning on doing a marathon w/ us while in WA, right? oh dear

Amber said...

I don't have a water bottle belt. I have lost lots of inches since I began this process but I still don't think I'm anywhere ready for anything to go around my midsection to define exactly how many inches I have left to lose. In fact, I think that may be one thing that I probably won't ever try is a belt thingy. I mean, if I ever get down to a point where I'm comfortable with my midsection ... I wouldn't want to distort it with a belt thingy either ... lol

Amber said...

On the marathon front ... if I find a marathon during the time I'm in Washington I'll soooo be running it. I just don't think I'll be planning on coming in April anymore because I'll be there in May. I guess I need to get a list of marathons and look for one in May!!!