Saturday, December 31, 2005

Running in the Snow

Running in the rain ... that can be fun if the temperature isn't hovering just above freezing. Running in the snow ... that is neat, magical, relaxing even. Oh, it was just exhilerating ... especially on New Year's Eve ... the last run of the year ... what a special gift from Above!!!

The temperature was at a nice 36ish degrees and it wasn't a wet snow ... it was a dry big flaked snow that started slowly and then came down faster and faster until it was all around me. But the ground was warm enough that it wasn't sticking so I didn't have to worry about falling because of it.

Oh ... and my pace ... averaged out over 5 miles ... was 12:15/mi. I know to some that would still be considered snails pace, but that's booking it for me.

I felt so uplifted after today's run!

Running Stats

Running Time: 1:01:16
Running Distance: 5.00 mi
Average Pace: 12:15/mi

On the Pain Front ... my left hip has been giving me some problems. Not bad, just enough to know that it is there.


Sarah Elaine said...

Pace is irrelant! That's what I keep telling myself, anyway...

Your pace and mine are about the same, though I might be a tad slower some days when I'm trying to keep my heart rate down.

Don't worry about it... You're out there doing what you love!

Kim said...

sounds like together we could be a complete hip problem... I'm going to chiro tonight for a constant nagging pain in my right hip..

kt said...

you know, amber, (btw PROUD OF YOU FOR GETTING OUT THERE AGAIN!) a co-runner here had awful hip pain and she went to the chiro and her PELVIS WAS TWISTED! weird! but he fixed her right up!
pray for me and i'll pray for you!