Monday, January 02, 2006

First Run of the Year

We have had house guests for the last week and a half and they left this morning. I got used to the hustle and bustle and constant going-ons. I miss it, the house just feels empty now somehow.

I took my melancholy state with me on my run today. It didn't help that about a 1/2 mile into my 3 mile run my audiobook, At Home in Mitford, ended. It was good. I would recommend it. I love reading and I get excited about reading. I enjoy listening to my audiobooks and I look forward to listening to them and finding out what happens next. It works because it gets me back out on a run. I just don't seem to get as excited about the audiobooks as I do about book books. I don't know, maybe it's just because I haven't found a really super good audiobook yet. It makes it hard to recommend one over the other though.

So I'm running and watching my foreman, aka garmin forerunner. I am almost home and I have run 2.85 miles with a really good average pace ... hovering right around 12:00/mi or a lil less. I turn the corner and pick up my pace because I'm close enough to 3 miles to give it a good kick and I look down at my foreman only to see that it now says I have run 2.74 miles. It short changed me at least .11 miles. I know .11 miles is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but if you figure I was running a 12:00 minute mile and one tenth of that is 1:20, divide that by 3 and that's adding about 30 seconds to my average pace. That sucked!!!

Running Stats:

Running Time: 37:41
Running Distance: 3.00 mi ... or was it?
Average Pace: 12:34/mi ... or was it?

On the Pain Front ... my left hip is still giving me some twinges. Not necessarily when I'm running ... but in just normal everyday moving.

Yearly Tally: 3.00 mi

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