Sunday, January 15, 2006

Running Companion

Do you realize that I have never ran with anyone. Well besides back in 2003 when I spent a month or two at the gym running with Christie ... but I think the most we ran was like a 1/2 a mile ... mile at the most. Anyhow, since I picked up this wonderful sport of running back in August it has just been me running all by my lonesome. Until today that is ...

Today I ran with a friend. She's really my sister-in-law, but I would still consider her a friend. She is a daughter of a runner ... and by default a runner herself. But from her own admission has never ran more then 3 miles. I really wanted to run at least 6 today but unfortunately she didn't think she could do more then 4.

Oh yeah ... we were in Pittsburgh ... the really hilly city. I knew a pretty decent running route from the last time I ran there ... three weeks prior to my first marathon. We headed out and ran up and down and up and down and up ... well you get my point.

We ran to a trail and hit a trail exit right at the 4 mile mark. We were going to call for a ride but needed to find out what cross-street we were on so had to walk a bit. Which turned into walking a bit more because we didn't think they would be able to find us on these small streets. When we finally found ourselves we realized we were close enough to home that we should keep going. We got home with 5.88 showing on the foreman so we ran around the block. I got my 6 miles in after all!!! You did good Lacey!!!

Running Stats

Running Time: 1:30:46
Running Distance: 6.00 mi
Average Pace: 15:08/mi*

* This was with 4 miles of running and 2 miles of walking ... not bad eh?!?

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kt said...

not bad a'tall, m'dear! so you're (were?) in pitt again, eh? i didn't know it was so hilly. i guess that must be ggggreat training. so have you decided on what you're training for? i mean is there another 'thon in the future?
i love that you are running and writing. did you get the paint DONE in your home?
are all the little details that go into BREAKING IN THE NEW DIGS done?
we've been here almost a YEAR and there are boxes in the rafters in the garage (3 or so) that say things like 'living room' and 'breakables' that i haven't even delved into! can't face it! plus i have less SHELVING here to store knick knacks. more of a clean, uncluttered look. i like it. but i do wonder what i have in those boxes.
ahhh me.
i'm supposed to talk on ORGANIZATION next month at mops! =)
luvs 2 U!