Saturday, January 21, 2006

7 Today 7 Back Then

I am loosely following 'The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide' training schedule, though I haven't decided what exactly I'm training for. This week's long run called for a 7 mile run. As luck would have it ... I live on an island and I'm 7 miles away from a public beach with a park. I find it rather exhilerating running to the ocean. There is nothing spectacular about the sights along the way, in fact I've ran in much more attractive settings ... but there is just something special about the act of running TO the OCEAN.

I had asked Jason if he would pick me up at the beach when I was done running. They passed me on their way to the park when I had about a mile left to go. When I finally got there they were down at the shoreline throwing rocks into the water. It was a heart warming experience finishing my run and seeing my loved ones there having a good time while they were waiting for me. I love finishing my runs in sight of my loving family.

So after the run I sat reminiscing while Jason pushed Megan on the swings. I was remembering the first time I ever ran 7 miles. It was late summer in Cedar Rapids, IA and I just walked out my door and went running. I didn't have a route planned it was an as you go type of run. It was hard! I remember walking in my door after the run knowing that I couldn't have ran two steps further. But as exhausted as I was I knew it was a great accomplishment. It doesn't change ... it was a great accomplishment back then ... and it was a great accomplishment today as well!!!

Back then ...

Running Stats (8/27/05)

Running Time: 1:44:26
Running Distance: 7.00 mi
Average Pace: 14:55/mi

Today ...

Running Stats (1/21/06)

Running Time: 1:26:20
Running Distance: 7.02 mi
Average Pace: 12:18/mi


robtherunner said...

Running to the ocean is definitely a wonderful thing. I had the same experience over the summer when I was staying at my in-laws cabin that was quite aways from Seaside, Oregon, but I wanted the experience of running to the oceant. I had never been able to do anything like that and it was 4th of July week so I woke up in the morning and headed out the door. Just like your experience, my wife and 4 kids drove by me with about a mile left and met me down at the beach at my stopping point. What a wonderful way to end a run.

Sarah Elaine said...

I grew up next to the ocean and loved it. Now I live near mountains and it's beautiful, but not the same.

Way to go on the faster pace, by the way!

kt said...

WOW that is WAY COOL amber!
and I NOTICED that your TIME has...
uhhhh: WAY improved! you ROCK!
all praise to our LORD AND KING, huh?

love you girlie girl!
i'm jealous of you being so close to the water. my in de whole wide world!

Kim said...

looks like a perfect end to a great run! I too love the ocean, its always at its best when its empty and your the only one making prints in the sand.

Amber said...

Sarah ... I'll trade you my ocean for your mountains. I grew up in Oregon, 45 minutes from the coast but in the mountains. I miss my mountains!!!

Kim ... so philosophical you are ... footprints in the sand!!!