Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Need New Shoes

I ran 4 miles today from Megan's school after I dropped her off. Lots of hills! About 3/4 of a mile into the run I got a wicked case of shin splints. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to spring for those new shoes sooner rather then later.

It didn't feel too good, but I kept at it and I'm glad I did. Another great average pace (for me) for today of 12:11 ... over 4 miles ... whoohoo!!! Now I just need to decide if I'm gonna make it out tomorrow morning or not?!?

Running Stats

Running Time: 48:48
Running Distance: 4.01 mi
Average Pace: 12:11/mi

On the Pain Front ... shin splints, sore hip and a sore core (pilates related). Buying new shoes tomorrow ... hope that helps!

Yearly Tally: 7.01 mi


Sarah Elaine said...

Oh yes... definitely time for new shoes! I've stopped buying mine at regular shoe stores and now I go to a proper running store. They watch how you walk (or run) and get you all set up with what you need for your feet, gait, etc. Let us know what you end up with, OK?

kt said...

oh how i wish i had a store close by that "watched me run" to see what i needed! but, amber, try BROOKS! they rock. you CAN'T get THEM at a reg. store. you HAVE to find a running or specialty shoe store. the one i went to isn't running-specific. rather, they are into fine SHOES..and work closely w/ a podiatrist. they are a brooks outlet. go ON girl! find that store. and then tell me about it, k? now, will this be the THIRD pair you've bought since starting? did you just whiz thru that second pair...or never use it or what?
also, i've started only running every OTHER day...following my own pain's pleas but also advice of jeff galloway on pain free / injury free running. has a website
...he says your bod needs 48 hours to recover. i think so too. altho, i think my pain intensified this week, starting 2 whole days after my long run last wk! weird, huh?
what week are you on, have you decided? have you found a new marathon to shoot for? lemme know...inquiring minds and all...
i'm WITH you on the love of reading! and, i think about books on's just not that easy, FOR ME to run to a book. dunno. i've tried james herriott....and john grisham. outta the 2, i'd say best was the latter. but i haven't tried herriott w/ a slower pace.
for MUSAK, my best bet is PETRA! margaret becker oldies are a close 2nd tho.
loves to you