Thursday, January 12, 2006

Make it Quick

My new shoes arrived yesterday. Of course it was after pre-school so I couldn't make use of them. I have felt the need to run and I just couln't wait until tomorrow. So I got up again this morning at 5:30, ate my oatmeal and waited for it to get light enough outside to head out.

I was out the door at 6:50 with a warning from Jason that I had to be back at the latest by 7:25 so that he could get to work at 7:30 ... I just love living so close to his work!!! Guess what time I got back?!? Yep ... 7:25 exactly ... just in time to meet him at the door as he was headed to work.

Running Stats

Running Time: 35:29
Running Distance: 2.89 mi
Average Pace: 12:17/mi

1 comment:

kt said...

good job, amber! i really hate that meet you at the door and trade places stuff but i guess whatever works huh? and if he's 5 minutes away, i guess he could even come home for lunch, huh? or you guys could MEET FOR LUNCH whilst megan's in preschool, huh? woo-eeeee! =) well, did you buy new asics 2100s? let me know. and what size you wear. i'm trying to get rid of mine. i think i've lapsed the time frame that it would be KOSHER to send 'em back to company. but who knows i might still try.
love ya