Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I was reminded that I had some Pilates videos stuck away in my video cabinet so I pulled them out today and did one. I did the Winsor Pilates instructional video and 20 minute workout today. It was good and my core is sore. Megan, My 3 year old daughter did it right along next to me ... so sweet!!!

I hope to start adding pilates and strength training to my off days. We'll see how long this lasts.


Sarah Elaine said...

I did a 6-week intro course to Pilates last summer. Just about did me in.

I actually enjoy strength training... Having someone to show me how to do things right and get the "form" right has helped immensely, too. Good luck and keep us posted!

kt said...

i need to do that too. i HATE videos! but right w/ you on the need for strength training. what's your core? really! when i did pilates (well, when i laid on the floor in front of the tube and watched THEM do pilates) i couldn't figure out what belly button they were talking about.
you're supposed make sure your belly button could be stuck to the floor or some such oddity, THRU your back-like. am i making sense. well, i couldn't do a situp to save my life. maybe i'd have a better time now? i dunno. i shy away from things put on by skinny little blondes who wear full body tights suits! =) but hey, that's just me.
i should get an old richard simmons tape, eh?
SO GLAD YOU'RE WRITING AGAIN. LOVE reading it! yeahoo! hi, love ya, miss ya, etc.