Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Guess it's been awhile ...

What can I say ... the desire for a baby just doesn't go away because you wish it to. The infertility treatments did indeed get in the way of running again. New doctors had new orders ... preferably no running for three months prior to a treatment cycle. Not that I listened all that closely, but if that's what it took that's what I would do ... of course that's not what it took and it didn't work anyhow.

I did get some running in and my mileage up before my forced break and most recent treatment cycle in October ... but alas, not much happening since then ... on the running front that is.

We did bring our son home just before Thanksgiving and it was a joyous reunification. He had lived with us when he was 12 to 18 months old before returning to his birth mother. We moved from Washington to Iowa the very next day. Almost two year later, we received a letter from his caseworker letting us know that he needed a permanent home and asking if we were interested ... and of course we were! It took a lot of work but we brought him home 4 months later ... two months later then we were hoping for but still two months earlier then actually anticipated. We still have plenty of hoops to jump through until the adoption is finalized but for now, he is home where he belongs!!!

So, as you can probably imagine ... things have been a bit busy around here getting everyone settled into the new normal. New child in the house, the holidays, vacations etc. Which leads me to today ... both of my kids are finally in preschool ... at the same time ... which means I can run ... whooooohooooo!!! Well, at least until the next treatment cycle ... lol :)

Running Stats

Running Time: 43:16
Running Distance: 3.00 mi
Average Pace: 14:26/mi

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