Friday, January 05, 2007

Love Running In The Rain

Before I became a runner, I thought that running in the rain was really quite stupid. Now, I find that it is very refreshing and energizing. Give me a light warm rain anyday and I'll be happy!!! Of course, I am originally from western Oregon where rain is more common than not. In fact people often call me crazy for loving the rain as much as I do ... but hey, that's just me :)

So, today I ran 3 miles in the rain. It was good. I don't have official times or distances because 1) it was raining and 2) I wasn't wearing my Garmin anyhow. I really must remember to turn that thing off after updating my blog so as not to drain the battery power. But it was 3ish miles in about 40ish minutes. Works for me.

I love this running stuff ... never thought I would say that ... really truly I didn't!!!

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