Monday, December 09, 2013

Catching Up

I have just went back and read through a few of my old blog posts.  Apparently, I like to start blogging when I start training.  I am challenging myself this time to continue through :)

But before I write about today's run . . . Let's do a quick catch up.

When last I posted, it was day 1 of training for the 2010 Eugene Marathon.  I did it ... yay me!!!  It was good, I would do that one again.

Then I trained for and ran the Tri-Cities Marathon later that fall.  My favorite race yet!!!  It is flat and beautiful.  It helped that I was in pretty good shape for that one, finished with a PR of 5:02:?? and felt well enough that I was out with the kids later that night trick or treating and then going out for a run within a few days.  Great race!!!

We moved to Knoxville, TN on Christmas day of 2010.  I love living in Tennessee.  We are so close to the Smoky Mountains and there is so much to do in and around Knoxville.

I started training for the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon in the fall of 2011.  Unfortunately, I ended up injured and not able to run that race, but my husband completed his third half marathon at Disney World and much fun was had by all.

I took a year and a half off running trying to give my injuries time to heal.  They didn't.  I figured if it hurts when I don't run and it hurts when I do run, I might as well run.  Good plan right?!?  I ended up tearing my plantaris tendon.  We originally thought it was my achilles and I'm very thankful it wasn't.  I was in pretty rough shape for a few weeks.  Though, I'm still dealing with some residual pain from the tear, the pain is actually much better now.  I am thinking that the original injury was a slow tearing of the tendon.  Turns out you don't need your plantaris tendon though.  At least that's what the orthopedic surgeon told me and I'm going with it.

... and now we are all caught up ...

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