Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 1 Day 1

Not going to  lie, I'm already slipping.  Not with the running, but with the blogging.  I started this post yesterday.  I got as far as ... Today's Run.  Yep, that's it.  But, I'm back to finish what I started.

Today's Run ... errr ummm ... Yesterday's Run

I ran at US Cellular, which is a rather hilly run.  For me anyhow.  I like nice flat runs.  It was a bit rough.  I had only had a smoothie for breakfast, I'm thinking I need to fuel better then that on run days from now on.

I have been using the Nike Running App to chart my data.  It's a pretty good little App, though I'm looking through moving boxes for my Garmin.  

Side note ... we did move to Knoxville in December of 2010.  And we just moved again last month.  When we moved here originally, we still had our house in Washington and needed a smaller home with a smaller mortgage.  We moved from a 3300 sq ft home to a 2000 sq ft house.  It was a lovely house, it just was never home.  Last spring we put that house on the market.  We had several showings, great comments, but no bites.  After school started for the kiddos we took the house off the market and two weeks later it sold.  We then scrambled to find the perfect home with no luck for several stressful weeks.  We finally found a hidden gem here in Knoxville and bought a great house for a great deal!!!  LOVE my new home!!!

Anyhow, I do like the Nike Running App and I will likely keep using it.  I just would like to use my trusty Garmin as my main source of information for my runs.  In the meantime Nike tells me ...

Mileage:  3.08 miles
Time:  41:50 minutes
Pace:  13'34"/mile
Shoe:  Inspire A

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