Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 1 Day 2

So far, I'm on track in my training schedule.  Pretty good huh?!?  It's the second day, let's see what tomorrow holds :)

I ran today at the National Fitness Center's indoor track.  It wasn't too cold outside, though it was a blustery 35 degrees (F).  It was just wet.  All of my favored running locations end up with running water across the path when it gets too wet here in Knoxville.  And ... I have new shoes.

The track is convenient because it is flat.  Have I mentioned, I like flat runs?!?  It's rather boring though, even while listening to my audible book, currently Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn.

I used the Nike Running app, set to an indoor run.  It's helpful but not all that accurate.  One lap around the track should be a tenth of a mile.  It took me about 1.2 laps around the track for the app to register a tenth of a mile.  I ran until the app said 4 miles so I definitely got my 4 in, but my pace will be off.  Oh well ...

Mileage:  4 miles
Time:  56:13 minutes
Pace:  14'02"/mi
Shoe:  Inspire A
Audiobook:  Protect and Defend, by Vince Flynn

Next up, 3 miles.

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