Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hills do matter

I ran 8 miles today, what else is there to say?

Besides the fact that it was not unpleasant ... and I would most definately do it again and then some. There is something quite empowering by being able to say, I ran 8 miles today. Not many people can say this on any given day.

I ran the Sac and Fox trail today and oh what a relief that there were no hills. The last several weeks I have been running from home and no matter which way you go there are hills. My running time increased without all those hills in my way. In fact I even ran 12:11 mile ... whoohoo!!!

1 mi: 12:11/mi
2 mi: 12:37/mi
3 mi: 13:18/mi
4 mi: 13:15/mi
5 mi: 13:03/mi
6 mi: 13:29/mi
7 mi: 14:35/mi
8 mi: 13:23/mi

Running Stats ...

Run Time: 01:45:55
Run Distance: 8.00 mi
Avg Pace: 13:14/mi
Best Pace: 09:23/mi

And the foreman even lost at least a 1/2 a mile on me and that's being conservative. The trail is 7.2 miles long and as I was running off of the trail the foreman was showing 6.6 miles. I think it lost it somewhere during the 7th mile ...

Things were not looking good as I started my run at 8:13 thinking it was going to take me a good 2 hours to run these 8 miles and also knowing that church started at 10:30 and I had to have Jason pick me up from the trail head take me home for a shower and then a 10 minute drive to church.

Thankfully I was done in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I called him at the beginning of my 8th mile and he came to pick me up. Unfortunately there was some communication issues and he thought I would be running down the major road towards home, whereas I was just running on the smaller side road that the trail head was on (no hills on the side road, major hills on the major road). It was fine for me because he pulled up about 30 seconds after I finished my 8th mile. A bit frustrating for him as he drove up and down the major road looking for me.

Anyhow, we pulled up to the house at 10:06, I took a shower, got dressed, ran a brush through my wet hair and we were out the door at 10:20 and made it to church at 10:30. Wow, what a morning ... who would have thought getting ready for church would have been a bigger stressor then running 8 miles.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Sad ...

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