Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm Tired of Recuperating

I had conflicting advice from the dentists. I had one tell me that I would be a-ok on Wednesday and another tell me that I would be fine on Monday as long as my pain threshold was doing well. So I decided to meet them half way and start up on Tuesday. My schedule has me running 4 miles week 7 day 1 but I thought I better ease back into it so I only ran 3.41. Feels like I cheated or something. I didn't have any severe pain or anything, more like a reminding throb in the jaw area. Oh man, I can't wait until I'm healed from this!

Running Stats

Running Time: 43:32
Running Distance: 3.41 mi
Average Pace: 12:46/mi

Wishin I would have ran that extra 1/2 mile ...

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katie grant said...

amber..........how is your mouth...i'm writing this sat 24th, you haven't posted since tues. i'm wondering about you! my foray into the wisdom tooth extraction wasn't a pretty picture either. i'm sure i couldn't have run 4 days later! ugh! after about a week my cheek swelled up the size of a grapefruit w/ some sort of infections. i ffeeeeeel your pain sistah! we ran today. there were 9 of us i think! i only went 3 times this wk (maybe in honor of you?) and one of those started just as a walk. 1/2way thru, tho, someone passed me running and i couldn't contain myself any longer. this thing grows on you. i sure am not losing a ton of wt though. at least i'm not gaining. how bout you in that dept? i love ya miss ya, thinking of ya, amber. Father, be with amber in this time post surgery & move-planning stage. thank you for her running...it will bring her sanity and consistency. in Jesus'name,amen.
love you