Friday, September 30, 2005

Batteries Anyone?

I ran 4 miles today from the Sac n Fox trail, Otis ST trailhead. When I turned my Foreman on I had one hour battery life left, which means not really. I was hoping that it was truly an hours time left because even I can get 4 miles ran in an hour. But alas, my trusty foreman shut down on me after 2.6 miles. I am very thankful in that it lasted at least the two miles before I turned around so that I know that I got my 4 in, I just don't know my real stats.

Running Stats (recorded)

Running Time: 34:45
Running Distance: 2.60 mi
Average Pace: 13:21/mi

Real Stats Unknown ... but at least 4 mi in ???


katie said...

m'dear, you turned around at 2.6...that means you ran 5.2!
unless you did something weird on your route!
and is it a forman or a forerunner? do you have the same as ch? i thought it was a garmin forerunner. and the 201 better than the 101. right?
good job running...swerving around worms!
i stepped on a worm, 1st day of college, with my new "back to school" tennies on...and i NEVER cleaned it. i hated those shoes. the worm somehow flipped up to the side of my sole and was there for the WHOLE time i had 'em! just a niggling thought in the back of my i hate worms out on the sidewalks! BAN THEM! --luv,kt

Amber said...

I turned around at about 2.1 and then at 2.6 it cut off on me. So I did only run 4ish that day. I'm just glad that I got at least my 4 in even though I don't know my actual stats.

And it is a Garmin Forerunner 201, which is a step up from the 101. The 201 is only about $20 more so it is definitely worth it to get the 201 over the 101, saves money in the long run.

Somewhere in one of my earlier posts I explain why I call it the foreman. It is a combination of garmin and forerunner and it flows off of my tongue much better. I just can't seem to remember that it is a forerunner not a foreman.