Friday, September 16, 2005

Not Quite as Long as I Hoped

I put in my long run of the week today because I'm fixin to get my wisdom teeth removed which will put me out of commission for almost a week. I was really hoping to get in 11 miles in as per my training manual, but Megan wasn't feeling all that well so it took us alot longer then I thought it would to get us out of the house and her dropped off at daycare this morning so I could go out for a run. Have you noticed a pattern here? I'm always late ... always have been and I imagine I always will be. I'm planning on getting to the marathon extra early for this very reason.

I ran the home stretch loop (yep, again with the hills) three times today. The loop itself is about 2.5 mile if you don't head over the few blocks to get back to my house. It was kinda neat, the first time I ran it going up this steep steep hill there was a lady outside working on her yard. I said hi, she said hi, I ran on. The second time I ran it she was still outside picking up nuts. I said hi, she said hi, I ran on. The third time I ran it she was still outside sweeping this time. At this point I wasn't noticing much about my surroundings, but she noticed me and gave me the "wow, you are doing great keep it up" speach. That was nice!

After the third loop I had gone about 7.5ish miles but I really wanted to do at least 8 so I kept right on running past my house and did another mini loop around the neighborhood. If I had had more time I easily could have done my 11 today. Bummer!!!

Running Stats

Running Time: 1:51:28
Running Distance: 8.22 mi
Average Pace: 13:34/mi

Now I'm late as usual ... and I'm scared silly as well ... I hate the idea of getting my wisdom teeth removed!!! I have been putting this off for years and years ... sigh

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