Friday, September 09, 2005

Killer Three

Did I mention that we are moving? To New York? At the end of the month? Yep Yep Yep!

So the house is on the market. I've done a really good job of keeping the house clean. But no matter how clean you keep the house there is always at least two hours worth of cleaning possible when a realtor calls and says can I show your house at 2 pm. Which is exactly what happened today. The house was all 'picked' up. But there was still the floors to sweep and mop, the rugs to vacuum, the leak in the basement that is just a constant drip and is staining the floor. You know ... all the little things. I dropped Megan off at pre-school and headed home to clean and paint the basement floor.

I walked out the door just as the realtor and the prospective buyer were pulling up. Unfortunately they saw me load the dogs into the car. I always feel that leaves a bad impression. I circled the block and parked down the road to keep an eye on things ... ok ok, I was spying. As I was sitting in my car spying on my own house, I kept thinking of all the other little things that needed to be done to make the house show better ... like pick up dog poo, remove the grass growing in the sidewalk cracks, sweep up the sandbox sand caked an inch thick from the patio etc.

Once the intruders left (they were intruders, they didn't make an offer) I headed back to the house with the intention of getting ready for my run. Jason was picking Megan up from pre-school so I had a brief bit of free time. But my little list that I made kept calling to me. So I thought what the hey, might as well get at least one thing crossed off my list. So I headed outside to sweep the sandbox sand up. Two hours later with lots of help from both Jason and Megan we finally crossed off the last item on my list. I was sweating just as hard as I had during my 8 mile run.

But I still had 3 miles to run ... and I did it!!! It tooke me a long time ... and it really was a killer three miles. But it felt good to do it regardless of being dog tired.

Run Time: 44:01
Run Distance: 3.00 mi
Avg Pace: 14:40/mi

and then I came home and had really good cheesy greasy pizza ...

Next stop 10 miles.

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Christie said...

Way to go! It's tough to run - especially after a long day of cleaning. If only flylady gave you wings :)