Saturday, October 22, 2005

187 Miles in my New Shoes

I've been trying to get my new shoes ... really I have!

I went to Running Wild and they measured my foot and said I really should be in a 10.5 for a marathon because my feet will expand. Unfortunately, Asics is coming out with a new model on November 1st and it is next to impossible to get the old one right now. They ordered it but it never came in. They then ordered a men's size 9 narrow, insisting it was the equivalent shoe. My friend, kt, has been dealing with shoe difficulties, in large part because she was put into a men's shoe instead of a women's shoe. I don't even want to go there, I am going to be running a marathon in these shoes afterall. I did humor them and tried them on, and I can honestly say there is a bar that runs across the ball of my feet which was really uncomfortable.

I purchased my last two pairs (ok, only two pairs) of running shoes at Famous Footwear so I decided to go ahead and check them out this morning just in case. They have two pairs of size 10's! I'm going to try the other Famous Footwear here in town to see if they have a 10.5. If not, I'm going to go with the size 10. I've been running in a size 10 for the last 187 miles and so far so good!


kt said...

yeah, i'd DEFINITELY get the RIGHT size. i'm not sure if men's really matters to you...i just dunno. i'm so confused by now! they went down TWO sizes to fit me in a BROOKS but went OUT 2 width letters! went from a nothing (B?) to a 2E! i know my foot is not that wide...and the 'toebox' just feels immense.
met w/ the gals today and only walked whilst they ran on ahead. very depressing. BOYD stopped by w/ his knee brace for me today, tho, i'm wearing it around the house and feels great. but my knee ALMOST ALWAYS FEELS GREAT when i'm not walking or running. YET I CAN STAND IN OR WALK AROUND MY HOUSE ALL DAY W/ NO PAIN! what is up??? i'll post this dilemma you'll get a double dose of it!

love you

in Him
ps: hated flight plan. can you guess why?

Amber said...


Amber said...

OK ... I give ... why did you hate flight plan?

Sarah Elaine said...

They're trying to put you into men's shoes? Isn't there something... suspicious... about that? I mean, aren't they made for men's feet and all? I'm no expert in these matters, but hell... sounds like they're just trying to make a sale to me!

Comfort first -- last -- and always!