Sunday, October 23, 2005

I am Shocked!!!

Running Stats

Running Time: 3:51:19
Running Distance: 18.00 mi
Average Pace: 12:53/mi

I am proud of myself! I am so very proud of myself that I had to start off with the running stats this time. I cannot believe that I ran 18 miles. I cannot believe that I ran 18 miles with an average pace of under 13 minutes a mile. I mean it's been ages since I have averaged less then 13 minutes a mile on my short runs let alone for a full 18 miles. Wow ...

I ran the Sac and Fox again. Parked in the middle, ran there and back one way ... there and back the other way ... and there and back the first way.

I will not lie, it was hard. I had two very dear people ask me once I was finished if I could have done another 8 and the answer was NO. Then again, if you would have asked me at mile 7 if I could have done another 11 the answer would have been NO.

I was sore the whole run. My butt cheaks actually felt like they were burning. I didn't think I was going to be able to sit down to drive home once I finished.

Oh, and let's talk about the shoes. Wearing new shoes for a long run is not a good idea. I thought I was being smart. I parked in the middle of the trail which I ran by at miles 7 and 14 and I brought my old shoes with me in case my new shoes got too uncomfortable. My feet started hurting around mile 4 and I couldn't wait until I could get back to my car to change my shoes. I reached the car at mile 7, slurped an energy gel and put my old comfy shoes on and then took off running. Limping rather as my old comfy shoes hurt like crazy. I have no idea what the deal was but they pressed against the bottom of my achilles tendon on my right foot and it just hurt. I only got about .05 of a mile down the trail before I realized I couldn't do it and had to go back and put my new shoes on. The new shoes hurt the bottom of my left foot, but not nearly as bad as my old shoes hurt my achilles tendon.

My favorite part of the run was when I ran past a couple as they were headed out for a walk and I was nearing a trailhead, with about 11 miles logged. I ran past them again as they were headed back from their walk and I was headed out from the trailhead. The lady asked me how far I was running today, to which I replied 'today's run will be 18 miles'. Her eyes got huge, really really huge. I didn't hear her reply because I was already running past her, but she looked more shocked then I felt.

I ran 18 miles today ...


kt said...

i cannot believe that is my 1st response to your 18miler! a month ago i might have said wow and you go but today i'm envious!
and proud of you! so proud!
i cannot figure out my knee. i KNEED to see someone this wk. i guess i'll hafta call in the a.m.

you are so cool!

Em said...

Great job Amber! How impressive..stats and running distance! Wow! I'm so proud of you that you even started all this madness (kidding) and that you are continuing and continuing through a move and pain and all. Great job girlfriend!
Hope your move goes well and I want to hear all about NY. Love ya!

Christie said...

Way to go! That is so awesome. 18 is such a long distance, several hours of nothing but running. And YOU did it. I think in some ways this run will be harder than the marathon because you did it without the race hype, in pain, without aid stations (other than your car) and without a finish line at the end. What's eight more? You are ready girlfriend, bring it on!

Sarah Elaine said...

You go, grrrllllfriend! I am so proud of you. No, let me correct that: I stand in humble awe of you!

You deserve to be proud!

Rock on!! No, wait! Make that... RUN on!

MMMMMMMM said...

Wow - Amber!! That is amazing! I am watching (from a distance) as KT is running/walking/in pain, etc. You have been such a support to her - but, this is the first time I have read your BLOG. You sound so busy - moving again, etc. I know my girls have missed you. Oh Yeah - I am Mom - of KT and EM! It is hard to think of you way off in PA! We lived there for 2 years when KT was in K and 1st grade. It was a beautiful area - 2 actually - Conestoga and Douglasville (1yr each). Anyway - way to go with your running! You are awesome! I can't imagine running 18 miles - 18 minutes would kill me! GO Girl!
Love in Him,