Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Racing the Sun

and I won! Then again, I can take shortcuts and alter my course and the sun is pretty much stuck.

Exciting news!!! For the first time in three and a half years Jason and I went to see a movie all by ourselves. It was wonderful. We both got to sit through the whole movie and it was a movie that we picked out. Well kind of ... there was only one movie playing during our tight time line while Megan was in preschool ... but it was a good movie. We saw Flight Plan. It was very intense. I wanted the movie to hurry up and get over only because I needed to find out how it would end.

I had initially planned on running during preschool time, but the movie was such a nice treat. After the movie we took Megan to the 'blue park' and then hurried home so that I could run my 8 miles. By the time I finally got to the trail it was closing in on 5 o'clock and I knew that the sun would be all the way down at 7 o'clock. I was cutting it close since I was expecting to run close to 2 hours and there are no street lights on the trail.

I made it though. I parked at the trail entrance in the middle of the trail, ran out 2 miles and back and then ran the other way 1.5 miles then back. I wanted to stick close to the trail entrance that last mile just in case it got too dark. I finished my run with just minutes to spare. The sun was all the way down within 5 minutes of getting into my car.

There is a bonus to running at dusk on a creek lined trail. The deer like to go down to the creek for an evening drink at dusk and I must have seen at least a dozen deer during my run. All females though, I still haven't seen a buck.

Running Stats

Running Time: 1:46:12
Running Distance: 8.00 mi
Average Pace: 13:16/mi


kt said...

that's a gggreat pace, amber! good job. did you speed up cuz you were RACING THE SUN?

guten jobben, girlie girl!


Amber said...

I tend to run faster on the trail, then on the roads near my house. Seriously, there are some major major hills near my house and they really do slow you down.

Sarah Elaine said...

Glad to see you're taking time to enjoy life with your sweetie, too! Balance is healthy... Hell, balance is paramount in my world!