Sunday, October 02, 2005

96 Miles in my New Shoes

Of course it should be 110 miles in my new shoes ... hopefully tomorrow eh?

I just extrapolated my training miles through race day and if I continue to run in this current pair of shoes I will have 284 miles on them on race day. This does not include the walks and 'runs' that I take with Megan. I wear my running shoes for my walks and runs with her because the one time I tried wearing my old shoes I ended up with shin splints. I really really really try to avoid shin splints!!!

I'm thinking that I need to get myself a new pair of shoes and alternate them. Three hundred miles is just alot of miles to have on a shoe when the recommended wear time is 300-500. I'm sure that until I lose more weight that I would be on the lower end of this spectrum and besides it seems that it rains everytime I wear them. Huh ... I think I'm sitting here trying to justify this even though Jason has already told me several times to go for it. So I think I will ... ahh shoe shopping :)


kt said...

you lucky dog! i wanna do that too. even tho i love my shoes... i want two pairs to alternate. i DO NOT wear my running shoes around though. mad face from disapproving christie! she is adamant! i did invest in some $40 everyday shoes (tennies). i wear them all day every day. hopefully, when i get good at wearing THEM, i will also have 2 pairs of those kind. they are great and my heel pain is virtually nonexistent. but I'D SAY YES, buy that extra pair of shoes, break them in and alternate. race day pick favorite pair.
now, will you keep track of mileage for BOTH shoes? that will be tricky. calendar? =) go girl!

Amber said...

Good for you for getting the shoes ... and more importantly for wearing them!!! I think that you will continue to see a huge improvement.

Yeah, I plan on keeping up with the mileage on both of my shoes. My blog might get a bit more boring ... who wants to read about shoes?!? But alas, my blog was really created to hold such boring information as sore knees and shoe mileage ... lol.

I think I probably should go to the running store and pick up a newer model of the 2100 though. They come in a different color. I had a bit of a panic yesterday when I could hardly tell the difference between my old pair and my new pair. I was always able to tell the difference because my old pair has this tiny little whole in the toe of my left foot. Apparently I'm just hard on shoes in this area because my new pair have that same hole now. And the new pair is almost as dirty (from trail runs) as the old pair.