Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Saying Goodbye to Sac & Fox

Today's run was my last on the Sac and Fox trail and I'm feeling very bittersweet about it. I was once asked if the trail was an asphalt or gravel trail and I never answered because I thought it was bet explained by a picture. I kept meaning to bring my camera and take pictures of the beautiful fall foilage, but it never happened, and now it never will. So in answer to that question, the Sac and Fox is a hard packed dirt trail that is probably about 6 feet wide. The Sac and Fox was kind of like a well worn pair of sneakers that you know every nook and cranny in and you never want to let go.

To the Sac & Fox ... you were a good friend ... and you will be missed!

Running Stats

Running Time: 1:07:50
Running Distance: 5.00 mi
Average Pace: 13:33/mi

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