Monday, October 03, 2005

It Doesn't Matter!!!

***Warning, big case of bad attitude found within***

My training manual is The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide and it has come in very handy over the last 8 weeks. Today's run it came in handy because chapter one teaches you ... it doesn't matter. I spent the better portion of today's run repeating these words. So without further ado ...

It doesn't matter that I had actually walked out my door yesterday for a 14 mile run, walked back in to get my energy gel and was told "thank God you came back in I have to go back to work". It doesn't matter that yesterday was a very nice 78 - 80 degrees and today is a very hot 92 degrees. It doesn't matter that the daycare didn't have any drop-in openings and that I couldn't run this morning ... when it was cooler. It doesn't matter that Jason called and said I can pick Megan up from preschool so that you can run a full 14 and then called back two minutes later to say "sorry, I have a meeting". It doesn't matter that I followed a blue chevrolet impala with a cracked windshield and two bird poop stains going 15 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone while he smoked two cigarettes for 12 out of the 15 miles to Megan's school with no way of passing him making me 12 minutes late starting my run so now I wasn't even able to get a full 2 1/2 hours in. It doesn't matter that after 2.67 miles I was ready to just stop and walk back to the school and just sit until Megan was done. It doesn't matter that for the first half of my run I was hoping for any hint of a breeze because it was so darn hot and the second half of the run I was running into a very strong HOT headwind. It doesn't matter that I wasn't able to run on the trail yesterday so I had to run along a busy highway today and stepped on a very sharp pointy rock right in the sensitive part of my arch (actually if that doesn't stop hurting it might matter). It doesn't matter that I up and just quit after 8 miles and walked the 1/2 mile back to the school making it back just in time to pick Megan up.

What does matter??? It matters that I took advantage of the preschool time that I did have to get off my bum and do what I could do. It matters that I ran past a park that had a water fountain right when I finished my bottle of gatorade and was really needing to eat that energy gel (which needs to be washed down with water). It matters that when I finished my refill of water (which tasted nasty) I happened to be running by a gas station and they were very nice in letting me have some ice and filtered water.

What matters is that I have a wonderful husband who has been right there by my side and stepping up to the plate and being available when I need him. It matters that he is proud of me ... which is the biggest and best motivator there is. It matters that he is dealing with issues at work that is beyond his control and that he feels sad that he has not been able to be there 100% for his family these last few days. But this too will pass.

It matters that writing this post has officially snapped me out of my bad attitude and I'm ready to jump in right where I am!!!

Running Stats

Running Time: 1:53:24
Running Distance: 8.07 mi
Average Pace: 14:03/mi

Walking Time: 8:37
Walking Distance: 0.50 mi
Average Pace 17:14/mi

Btw, It is a lot harder to run with a bad attitude then a good attitude. But it is also hard to snap out of the bad attitude once it is upon you.


kt said...

i love that you are appreciative of your hubby.

and, you are right to note that you got off your 'bum'and ran EIGHT miles. count them. who runs EIGHT MILES??? i tell you, b4 iknew that christie and hope were running that kind of mileage, i knew NOT a single soul running those miles on a consistent basis. not a single soul.

so you are in a class above, dear one. YOU will definitely have somehting to talk about in certain circles. in some, you get blank stares (with a hint of awe). in others, you will meet another runner and the conversation will fly. you might even meet someone to run w/! this is coool!

btw: it is winter here. why is your temp so high???

i love you and admire you!
thnk You, Jesus, for my friendAmber!

Amber said...

I have the bestest hubby!!!

I think the temperatures were that hot to torture me!!! I do, I really do! It is currently 53 and very windy. And as soon as Jason gets home I'm fixin to go run in it ... lol