Saturday, October 29, 2005

In Pittsburgh ... Finally!!!

We arrived at Jason's parents house last night just after dark. I was so hoping to get there with daylight to spare so that I could head out for a short run, but alas, I realized once 'I' got seriously lost in Pittsburgh that wasn't going to happen.

We actually arrived in Pittsburgh in the daylight, but the directions that we pulled off of Rand McNally online were HORRIBLE. It didn't help matters either that we were driving two vehicles and trying to stay together in some pretty major traffic. After about an hour of driving around aimlessly while Jason was trying to get directions from his dad, who had only been living in Pittsburgh for about two months himself, we finally got back on the right interstate. Then I noticed a landmark from our Rand McNally directions and told Jason to take the next exit which he did. After driving about 10 blocks he abruptly turned off onto a side road and I had no choice but to follow. Just in time to watch him run a yellow light and leave me stranded at a red light. He called and told me to get back on the interstate and to take the next exit. I managed to somehow miss the turn to get back on the interstate and spent the next 45 minutes or so searching for it. Jason, by this time had gotten off at the exit his dad told him to take and sat sipping coffee at the local starbucks.

I never did find my way back onto the interstate but I somehow did manage to find my way back to the street that I was on before Jason took the unexpected detour on me. Funny thing is, we were only about 6 blocks away from their house when he made that turn that caused me alot of stress!!!

I ended up pulling up to the house at literally the exact same time as Jason ... we parked within seconds of each other.

So we are finally in Pittsburgh and we have just enough time to get our luggage upstairs and in our room before company, the man who got Jason his very first job in the nuclear industry and his wife, arrive for dinner. It was a fun evening and I had a few too many glasses of margarita. How smart is that the night before a scheduled 18 mile run?!?

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