Monday, October 24, 2005

Week 12 Schedule

This is going to be a very busy week. We have the packers coming to pack up our house tomorrow. Everything will be loaded onto the moving truck on Wednesday. Megan's last day of school will be Wednesday. Jason's last day of work will be Thursday. We close on our house on Friday morning at 8 am, pick up our documents at 9 am and then we drive non-stop to Pennsylvania to spend the evening with Jason's parents. We will spend Friday and Saturday night in Pennsylvania and then head back on the road on our way to New York. Jason starts his new job next Monday. Our household goods should be delivered sometime Monday or shortly thereafter.

And sometime during all this craziness I need to find time to work 8 hours of running in. Crazy!!!

Tentative Week 12 Schedule

Mon - Rest
Tue - 5 miles
Wed - 8 miles
Thu - 5 miles
Fri - Rest
Sat - 18 miles
Sun - Rest

Oh, and did I mention that I'm still really sore from my last 18 miles ...


Sarah Elaine said...

You are amazing! I might say that at this stage of the game, you might want to work in some serious "amber time", whatever that means for you... bubble baths, massage, pedicure... you get the drift.

Your blog continues to inspire me!

Amber said...

That sounds so wonderful ... ahhh amber time ... well, I guess that was it. Seriously though,I have been dreaming about massages and pedicures and even getting my legs waxed. Trouble is I'm moving across country and I'm already spending all of my kid free time running. 8 hours a week of kid free time is hard to come!

kt said...

how the heck are ya? must be busy! i check your blog see if you're back in the 'blog saddle'...nope. so i'm thinking you're overwhelmed w/ moving. how's your running! pls post! even if it's just to say you ran!
=)katie LOVE YA!